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HRV - one of the most exciting innovations in the chiropractic profession

The HRV is one of the most exciting innovations in the chiropractic profession, and has become one of our most important tools in our practice to be able to accurately measure and observe

  • how well a person adapts to everyday life
  • how resilient they are
  • how well a person recovers, regenerates
    and rebuilds every day, and
  • whether a person is locked in a wound-up; distressed; exhausted; or weakened state.

What we are seeing Today, over and over again is most people are locked into a protective, fight flight or freeze (sympathetic) response. Limiting the essential repair, restore, rest and recovery function that are essential for health and wellbeing.

And what’s worse is if they have been in this state for many years, they are showing up with their physiology in a weakened, distressed and often exhausted state.

Fortunately, All of this is measurable by our HRV system, and even more thankfully, but not surprisingly based on the science we know and what we see in practice…..

Chiropractic has been proven in research time and time again to positively influence the balance and variability of your nerve system (1) (2), amplifying your ability to respond to life’s challenges and recover when you need to.

So how does it work?

HRV is a measure of your resilience and adaptability to what life throws your way.

In its basic understanding, the HRV measures the changes in the time between each heartbeat, which can provide insight into your body’s response to stress.

Getting a little geekier;
Our heart beats are not meant to be “regular”
A 60 beats per minute heart rate does not beat exactly every second in a healthy individual; sometimes slightly less, sometimes slightly more than a second so we remain in a Variable, and Adaptable state – maintaining a high ability to adapt and respond to what’s going on it our life:

In response to a stressful event our Sympathetic nerves trigger a “Fight-Flight-or Freeze” response- our pupils dilate so we can see the stress; our liver releases energy stores, digestion slows down and shuts off, and our heart rate increases to pump extra blood and oxygen throughout our body,,.. All quick responses to deal with the stress.

On our HRV report this presents itself with a recording, this white dot, moving to the left.

If the stress response is maintained for too long, your body can’t sustain this and it weakens over time, decreasing your resilience, adaptability and ability to repair, restore, rest and recover.

If everything is working well, and the stress is reduced or removed, the other branch of your nerve system , the Parasympathetic, puts on the brakes, slows and calms things down for rest, recovery and restore and your recording stays balanced, you stay strong, and you are able to rest, restore repair, and fully recover. In essence you stay adaptable.

The longer the stress in your system, the further you move away from an adaptable, resilient state, the further you progress or decline though the stages of wound-up; distressed; exhausted; or a vulnerable weakened state.

Why is this important in chiropractic?

woman being adjustedThe link between what we find in the spine, and the tension throughout the nerve system, provides us with a window in finding interference to the function of the nerve system and its role of assessing, responding and adapting to your everyday needs.

In chiropractic at Advanced Health Chiropractic, it’s important for us to not only reach your initial health goals, it is also essential for us to be able to accurately measure your ability to be able to adapt to what life throws your way,for you to be resilient to live the lifestyle you choose, and for you to know with certainty that you are healthier, stronger and more capable of living the life you choose.

In essence, the HRV scanning technology measures:

  • How much reserve capacity a person has;
  • How much healing capability a person has
  • How much adaptability to life a person has, and
  • whether your battery is fully charged and you are at your maximum healing and recovery potential.

Our HRV scan is one of three scans that make the invisible visible. It is one of three scans that we perform at the beginning to gather a baseline, and regularly throughout your journey to make sure you are rebuilding, regenerating and eventually maintaining an amazing resilient adaptable state.

Every one of us has an amazing potential and one life to live.
Why not make sure you are in the most adaptable state possible so you can give life heaps and make the most out of every day!
It’s pure chiropractic
It’s the chiropractic lifestyle.

Contact us to book your visit and let’s see what your scans have to say about you.

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