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In love with fevers

I used to hate getting a fever. I remember, when I was at school, my Mum made me stay home the day of my big basketball playoff game because I was running a fever. I was gutted! Weeks of training, months of practicing my 3s – all gone because of a “stupid” fever.

Often, we avoid life when feverish. We’ll also avoid encountering anyone who is “unwell” in fear of “catching” something ourselves. The reality is, every day we’re surrounded by people who might not be in the best state of health – they’re just not expressing it in a physical, visible way.

Is a fever a good or a bad thing? How can people live, breathe and play in the same environment, but only a handful fall “ill”? And where does chiropractic fit in this discussion?

The answer lies in our bodies and how well they can cope and adapt to changes in our environment.

The answer lies in our bodies and how well they can cope and adapt to changes in our environment.

Regular chiropractic care removes interference in the nervous system (the communication pathway between your brain and your body) so your body can function at optimal levels, getting rid of toxins and other foreign invaders more efficiently. Adjustments won’t stop you from a getting a fever but a body free of interference will be able to cope and adapt to stressors better, allowing you to better express health.

There’s light at the end of the “sick” season tunnel as the end of winter draws near. With that said, our bodies work year-round to keep us going. The next time you feel a fever coming on, appreciate that your body is expressing health, and think about calling in for an adjustment. Give your nervous system a bit of love and see how much better it’s able to adapt and recover.

If only my Mum saw my fever as a good thing, as my body expressing health – who knows, I could’ve been the next Steph Curry?!


Dr Dean D’cruz | Chiropractor

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