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Making the Invisible Visible

It is easy these days to graphically see the causes of stress in our life.

I mean just spend time watching the news, reading the newspaper or trolling social media and the images, video’s and reports of stressful events are right there in your face, day after day, month after month, year after year.

The causes of stress are easy to see, impossible to miss, HOWEVER, when it comes to the awesome people in our community; – our friends, family, workmates, classmates, often what we see on the outside, may not be what is happening on the inside.

In this part of the world the down under approach is to put on a brave face; “she’ll be right mate”, “we’re not as bad as others”, “Yeah. Nah!!”. But how are people really doing?

With the staggering volume of events that have hit our community over the last 3 years we are beginning to wonder how people are really holding up. How are people adapting? How are our children really doing? Are they in the best state for learning, living, playing, developing, and growing? What programmed hard-wired fear responses are we all developing? And is this starting to show in our bodies and nerve systems?

What we need is a system and process to make the INVISIBLE visible.

We need to have a system and process that can assess the true state of our health and the adaptability of our nerve systems.

FORTUNATELY, for many years now we have integrated into our practice an extremely accurate way to measure the effect stress is having on your body; – whether you are stuck in a wound-up; distressed; exhausted; or weakened state; and how equipped we are to be able to adapt to what life throws at us.

In practice, we are seeing more and more that a high percentage of people are locked into a protective, fight-flight or freeze (sympathetic) response, limiting the essential repair, restore, rest and recovery functions that are essential for health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, the SCANNING we use in practice makes the INVISIBLE visible, and thankfully, once the invisible becomes visible we can set some goals, make a plan and provide people with the boost they need.

Chiropractic has been time and time again proven to positively influence the balance and variability of your nerve system (1) (2), enhancing a person’s ability to adapt and respond to life’s challenges and recover when you need to. It is apparent, now more than ever, that our Insight scanning technology is essential in making the invisible visible and helping people achieve the level of adaptability required for life.

It’s like an x-ray understanding of your nerve system’s response to life.

Check out the video on the Heart Rate Variability scan.

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