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Optimising the Health of Your Teens and Tweens Over Summer

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Something we are always striving for, is to work with our kids’ bodies – not against them. This is why so many families experience optimal results with regards to their kids’ health once committing to care with us.We want our kids’ bodies to be self-regulating and self-healing like we all have the ability to be. With good function in the nervous system, our kids (and ourselves) should be able to rise out of challenges and face disruption with resilience. It is normal to experience stress on our bodies as we live life, yet it’s how we come through this that is the real marker of health.

The best example of this can be seen over Summer.

Why do we need to up our focus on the nervous system over Summer

We may all be able to relate to the feelings of a demanding December. Cue Christmas parties, stretched social calendars, exhausted parents, high sugar foods, disrupted routines and merely holding on for that Christmas break, or the light at the end of the tunnel! Our nervous systems are needing to respond to an increased load of stressors at play throughout this time of the year, and we lean on our resilience and inherent healing abilities now more than ever.

And the wonderful thing is, we are more than capable of doing so!

However, for our kids who are already struggling with a depleted resiliency in their body, this time of year can bring chaos. You may see this play out as

  • Immune challenges or flare ups
  • Exhausted and grumpy kids
  • More wakeful nights
  • Demanding behaviours
  • Difficulty adapting to new or changing routines

What’s happening in the nervous system with increased stress

If you think back to what happens when we are exposed to stressors, you will remember that our brain and body are in constant communication with each other striving to find balance and good function. Overwhelming stressors on the body will interfere with this.

Using our Insight CLA scans in the practice, we regularly measure the communication within your child’s brain and body as funny enough, any disconnect here can not be felt until way down the line when symptoms appear.

This is why we know it is best to start chiropractic care as young as possible, meaning we don’t wait for the signs of dysfunction and instead remain committed to nourishing healthy and resilient bodies right from the beginning.

Heading into Summer we want to be on the front foot and this is how we do it…

The best thing we can do is keep your kids healthy and resilient through the Summer period. We know there is increased demand and we simply match our care to the frequency that will allow their momentum for good health to continue.

Having an awareness on gut health and sleep will also aid your family towards a wonderfully healthy summer, we have 2 podcast episodes focused directly on these topics to assist with this.

For now, the most important thing you can do is to prioritise your regular chiropractic checks, book an extra if you are noticing demand is high on your kids bodies right now, and check when your next scans are due. Knowing how well your child’s body is equipped to handle a vibrant and healthy life is both empowering and motivating!

We look forward to reconnecting in January and sharing our approach to easing kids back into school and routine with less anxiety, less flare-ups and more smiling faces!!!

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