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Our Team's Approach to Handling Sickness

As a chiropractic team, we live by a set of governing principles and values.

our team
It is these values that drive the energy and vitality people often comment on when they walk into Advanced Health Chiropractic.

The values are

  • The body is designed to heal and regulate itself
  • Health can be fostered from the inside out
  • Resilience over avoidance

Why do values matter?

You see for the most part, we are all born with an incredible level of health and resiliency.

Our skull and cranial bones change shape to allow us to be born and exit through the birth canal. Our instinctive drive allows us to feed and suck. We grow up to face all sorts of cuts and bruises, coughs and colds – yet something intuitively within us heals those things and we hardly put a second thought into it.

This is the healing and regulating design of the body.

How do they help us?

It would be a very odd thing to suggest that we were all born with a deficiency of throat lozenges, a lack of antihistamine or a dire need for energy drinks to keep us awake.

Yet if you look at the general population, their actions say differently.

You only have to drive past a suburban dairy at 8am in the morning to see this in action. People milling around and reaching for anything that will make them feel better, or achieve a minimal level of function to get through the day. They’re also generally the people weighed down with illnesses, bugs and low energy a lot of the time. Not fun for anyone.

Now if you’re reading this, chances are those extreme examples simply do not apply to you and you’re likely to be more interested in what you can do to get that cutting edge on health. That’s where our team lives too. With a life driven through the 3 values we listed above – it tends to be that we experience an incredible level of health and resiliency, meaning our bodies are well equipped to face challenges and do so with vigour.

By nurturing the system that fosters these values, we simply strengthen ourselves day in and day out. This system is the nervous system.

How do I experience the benefits of the values?

The nervous system exists in all of us and it includes the brain and peripheral nerves travelling out to the body. The nervous system is cleverly capable of handling stressors (mental, chemical and physical) and adapts to them in order to maintain the best possible function. This adaptation, otherwise known as subluxation, allows us to withstand a certain amount of compromised function yet still maintain life.

Those of you under care with us will understand how vital it is to have your nervous system regularly checked and adjusted for subluxation (we call it interference) so that you can switch back into optimal gear throughout your life. In this state, we grow better, we heal better, and we live better. It’s why many families start their care from just a few hours old.

So, what does our team do at home to support this?

Our team has put together an insight into the everyday activities that we do to maximise our nervous system alongside the crucial, life-giving adjustments we receive.

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