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Planting Seeds to Grow Healthy Kids

Planting Seeds to Grow Healthy Kids


Just as planting a garden requires fertile soil, quality seeds, and plenty of sunshine and water, planting seeds to grow healthy kids also requires specific actions.

Having your child regularly checked and adjusted by their chiropractor is an excellent way to create a nourishing environment; you may also consider the following for growing healthy kids — naturally, of course!

Boost Health Naturally

Just as your kids brush their teeth every day, regular chiropractic tune-ups are essential when you wish to create an environment for your child to flourish. Why? Chiropractic care turns on the power house of the body – with that system firing; chiro kids are better able to live life at an exceptional level.

Make Smart Dietary Decisions

Certain lifestyle choices will best support the adjustments your child receives in our office. Chemical stress influences the wind-up in a child’s body right from before they are even born – by reducing this load, you can assist your child in making the most of their chiropractic care and influence the factors contributing to their wind-up.

We love colourful, fresh, living foods, healthy fats and protein for growth.

The Sleep Your Child Needs

The amount of sleep your child needs varies depending on age, too little sleep can affect mood, school performance and overall health. You may find your child sleeps more following their chiropractic check, or when they are processing an immune challenge. This is an excellent sign of healing at work!

When it comes to devices, it is well known how they may influence your child’s posture and neurological environment. In addition to this, the light emitted from the screen can confuse our hormonal regulation of sleep. Your child does their best growing, healing and regenerating whilst asleep so it is essential to encourage healthy sleep patterns early on. Turning off devices and engaging in frequent exercise, family connection and play during the day can assist this.

Movement is life

Did you know that aberrant movement in the spine affects the quality of messages going to and from your brain? A chiropractic adjustment allows your brain to get the information it needs to work well.

The same thing happens with the rest of your body. Movement allows your children to have healthier, stronger bodies and minds so that they are equipped for an optimal life.
Exercise also helps children have more refreshing sleep and adapt to stress easier. Participation in a team sport is a great way for kids to get regular exercise, as is a family walk, playing an outdoor game, or taking a bike ride.

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