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Signs of Development to Unlock your Child's Potential

grandma-granddaughter-smiling-sq-400Do you find your little ones can sometimes be unusually grizzly, unsettled, or just seem completely ‘off’ and you are racking your brain as to what may be the culprit?

Maybe they even have a runny nose, or appear weary yet lack any accompanying cold or infection. Then within only a matter of days they seem back to their bright selves and, most importantly… They’ve learnt a new skill?

Well, you are not alone!

Maybe they have rolled for the first time? Or they have started to crawl, pull themselves up on furniture or speak more?

This occurrence happens frequently amongst healthy and well-developing children and it is an excellent look into their nervous systems.

You see, for the nervous system to develop in usual fashion, the brain must wire-up and build connections upon what has already been laid down. It is this sequential wiring that allows a child to first roll before they sit, sit before they crawl, and ideally crawl before they walk.

This particular phase of development, when you notice your little one is not their usual self, is a time when additional support for their nervous system will have exponential benefit. Keeping the system clear and free to wire-up with ease will support the normal processes of growth, while giving you the reassurance that your child is doing exactly as their bodies need them to do.

Simply put, when there is greater demand on their system (such as a growth or development step), more rhythm is needed to keep the system clear and functioning optimally.

We recommend booking an extra chiropractic check for them at this time, in addition to their regular schedule. From here we see our chiro kids much happier, more settled, and healthy, vibrant members of the community for years to come.


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