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The Missing Link for Most Immune Systems

I was recently reminded of the value of consistency.

And I don’t mean the boring, regimented “eat, sleep, gym, repeat” routine.

You see, way back during my high school years I was a rower. And a very competitive one at that (is there any other way to row?!).

I consistently trained, diligently fueled my body, and (eventually) reaped the rewards of faster times, quicker races and more appearances on that podium.

Upon finishing school, life took a different tack and rowing was no longer a part of my every day.

Cue 2023 and 12 years on, I decided it’s time to get back on the rowing machine.

Being someone who prioritises health and wellbeing, naturally that includes fitness for me so I am no stranger to a run along the beach, or a few Les Mills classes with Katie during the week.

Yet, what happened when I got on that rowing machine recently and tested myself to perform a high-intensity 2km sprint test?

MISERY! That’s what happened.

So what was missing?

There was a missing link, and that link is consistency.

When we want to perform in any area of life, we must train the system that drives results. I.e. to row successfully I need to, well…. row.

It was this reminder that really stuck out to me and the strong link to chiropractic.

We look after many families in our practice who are all seeking great health and wellbeing. Some of them started with us because they noticed their body was not performing as it should – maybe their baby was missing milestones, or their energy levels were too low. Yet for a large amount of people starting chiropractic care, they are doing it because their immune systems simply aren’t keeping up with life.

They may be doing all the right things (cue food, exercise, sunshine and mental wellbeing) yet are still coming down all too often with coughs, colds and viruses that see them putting life on hold yet again.

Given what we know about the relationship between the brain, stress chemicals and immune function it is absolutely vital to be nourishing the system which influences how well our immune system will function.

So what is the system driving immune function?

The nervous system.

In our practice we routinely measure the balance of your stress response – i.e. how capable is your nervous system at bringing about the required state for healing?

This state, otherwise known as the Parasympathetic Nervous System is best known for its rest and digest capabilities. When appropriately balanced the nervous system can switch between here and a Fight or Flight (Sympathetic Nervous System) to encourage good health and healthy responses.

Any imbalances go on to affect our natural healing ability. Cue constant colds and an immune system that feels like it is “off duty” for the Winter.

In chiropractic we focus on the missing link

female practitioner adjusting neck
You see, when I was rowing, I was pushing and stretching my body in that way consistently and by no surprise, I was improving each week. It wasn’t comfortable, it hurt every time, but it allowed me to stretch myself to greater levels.

The same could be said for our immune systems. With consistent input to the immune system, we will still face the stretch, or the discomfort of a cold occasionally (why is this a good thing?). Think of it as a natural test of the body – one in which we should bounce back from. Because of this, our response should improve and refine every time.

This looks like

  • Mounting a fever to cook off the bugs
  • A runny nose to carry out any imbalance of bacteria that has occupied our respiratory passages
  • Fatigue to encourage rest and restoration
  • The restoration to a level of functional health.

Our immune systems will always be tested – but how are we training our bodies to ensure our response is optimal each and every time?

The food we eat, our level of Vitamin D exposure, the outside time we get and connection with friends and family are all mighty influences on the state of our immune system. But most importantly our nervous system paves the way.

The nervous system needs to be able to consistently unwind through the chiropractic adjustment. This ensures any interference within the system is removed, allowing the immune system to function at full capacity.

This means we have a clear highway of information flowing from the brain to the body, allowing us to heal as effectively as we were designed to do.

You see chiropractic does not take anything out or add anything in, we are far more simple creatures than that. We simply remove the build up of interference or stress within the nervous system, that otherwise would get in the way of your body doing what it was designed to do. And doing it well.

So now as I consistently get on that rowing machine, I know there is no missing link to my improvement. Training the system that drives performance is the best way to go, much like your chiropractic adjustments.

So ditch the “eat, sleep, gym, repeat” routine. We are here for a much more exciting and liberating experience. Keeping your nervous system tuned-up so you can do the things you love!

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