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They Are Calling It The Great Reset, So What Does This Mean For You?

female hands holding family cutout of paperMuch has been said about the opportunities to reset that the COVID pandemic has provided. We can reset our work/life balance; the way in which we choose to work (from home or in a workplace); the way we choose to live; and even the way we understand and acknowledge the connection between our environment and ourselves. After living through the COVID pattern interrupt, the world is different now. So what lessons have you learnt from the pandemic and what life choices and changes are you going to make from this moment forward?

COVID-19 has been hailed as the ‘big equalizer’, in that no region of the world or demographic has been spared. The reality is however, that we are not all equally resistant. If a common virus manages to float its way through a workplace or family home, we all know that some of us will defend like champions while some will fall apart and spend days in bed with several boxes of tissues!

In essence, despite the potential risk, we all must take and be given the responsibility to manage our own level of risk and behave accordingly. If it is our desire to create a society that does not fear impeding threats like COVID, there must be a focus to create a society that is resilient and well-equipped to withstand or adapt to any impending challenge.

Each of us are born with an amazing resilience. An amazing wisdom within that coordinates and adaptive nerve system and immune system that can withstand serious challenges, if we give it a chance to learn. Sanitizing the world will not achieve this. The great equalizer in reality is this; each of us has a body that has the potential to be more amazing than anyone has permitted us to believe. The COVID response is potentially guilty of this.

Acting Early and Strong Leads To Better Outcomes

There will be more challenges. There will be more viruses and economic fallouts. If the COVID response in New Zealand has taught us anything it is that being on the front foot is everything. Acting early and strong will lead to better outcomes. There is no doubt about this. My only request is that we act far earlier. Way earlier before any potential challenges and risks arrive. Yes, closing the borders, shutting down the country, and forcing all of us to hide in our homes achieved phenomenal results. Imagine if we focussed our energy even earlier on ensuring that from this moment forward the vulnerable are no longer vulnerable. That we achieve a community with far less comorbidities. That we have a society that always protects and supports the elderly. And we can all live without fear and restriction.

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