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Watching Our Babies Grow is like Staring into a Mirror

woman smiling at a lying down babyEach growth spurt, new skill or behaviour reflected to us is a direct insight into the nervous system and development of that child.

And how magic is it?

When they lock eyes with you and trace you as you move around the room. When they hear your voice and look for your face. Or when they start to babble and interact as they join your conversations and become completely mesmerised by the interaction they hold with you. This is your child climbing the staircase of development and building upon a foundation of good health.

So How Is It All Connected?

Their nervous system holds the key. The key to connecting what is going on in a child’s brain with what is reflected in their bodies. As they build connections through social contact, interaction and a nourishing environment – their nervous system receives the signals for growth, development and health thereafter. We observe this as new milestones, skill sets and general wellbeing of the child.

Chiropractic care enables this process by ensuring the pathways within their brain and body remain in good communication with each other. Keeping these pathways clear fosters excellent brain connections when discovering these new skills and exploring the world.

So in light of this, as we make a genuine connection with our babies through eye contact and talking – we are facilitating their healthy growth and development. Time on the floor together, facing your baby to you when out for a walk, or even those precious moments during feeding times are all excellent opportunities for this. It really is where the magic happens.

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