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What to Understand Before the Summer Holidays Start

dad-with-baby-on-back-sq-400Some of you may already understand the power of momentum.

It is significantly easier, and more productive to keep something in motion than it is to restart over and over once momentum slows.

This extends to how you use the accelerator vs break of your car, pushing a child on a swing, and it also extends to how you approach your health.

We have sometimes had people start at Advanced Health Chiropractic for the first time saying something along the lines of “I just need my neck fixed” or, “in the past, it just goes away after an adjustment or two”.

That may have been the approach they have taken in the past, and although they could have, or maybe did, experience a decrease in symptoms… guess what?

Here they are, starting with us, and ailing with the same problem they have been trying to alleviate for years with this start-stop approach.

It would be remiss of us to take the same approach, solely focusing on the first few adjustments, and neglecting the way in which the nervous system innately functions. And that is with rhythm and momentum.

For the majority of Advanced Health Chiropractic practice members (and everyone really, once they understand the concept) it makes total sense to keep the nervous system moving in it’s normal and usual rhythms, so that you can consistently experience:

  • Better healing and recovery
  • More resilience in the face of stress
  • Proper growth and development
  • Better mood, energy and social connection
  • Healthier communities

And that’s exactly what we do.

With your schedule of care, you have a personalised plan so that the momentum to keep you healthy outweighs any momentum hindering you. This balance is determined by the level of adaptability you have, to the demand of lifestyle stressors of which you are privy to.

We don’t guess with this, we test it. That is what your regular Insight scans tell us at your initial, and progress visits throughout the year.

So thinking back over 2023 and all the years prior that you have chosen chiropractic care for yourself, and your family. Each and every adjustment has contributed to building momentum and maintaining rhythm. We do this knowing that life will come with its stressors and demands, and we are all equipping ourselves to face these with strength and vigour.

So over this summer break, we hope you lean into the resilience you have built, ride the waves of good health and recovery, enjoy the time with your family and friends and be ready for your next tune-up to give that momentum a well-deserved boost going into 2024.

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