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Why People End Up Smiling

Woman happy arms stretched upwardThere are some weird and wonderful things we see in practice as we take care of more and more families throughout Auckland. Some of the latest research may explain why.

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of research coming out of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic focused on the areas of the brain that seem to be impacted most when someone receives a chiropractic adjustment. The most exciting of these areas is the ‘Pre Frontal Cortex’ (PFC). This is the part of your brain behind your forehead which plays an important role in personality expression, decision-making and social behaviour.

While your chiropractic adjustments provide the obvious benefits such as better movement, balance, strength, and simply feeling better, your chiropractic adjustments appear to have a direct impact on your brain’s activity – most importantly your PFC.

This adjustment-brain link may explain why we see people’s personalities opening up after a few visits, people smiling and laughing more, families connecting, and kids learning and playing better. It’s not uncommon for a family to bring the kids in for ‘an attitude adjustment’. :P

There are lots of amazing changes we’re so privileged to see when family members start chiropractic care. Most exciting of all is simply that people are better people when they’ve been adjusted.