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Why we should expect happiness

People often ask us why we’re so happy at Advanced Health Chiropractic.

And they’re right, we are a happy bunch. But here’s the thing, what else would you, and should you, expect?

You see, much to popular thinking, sadness isn’t really a thing. Not really!
This is not to say people can’t be sad and we don’t experience sad moments. Sadness is a normal human emotion that serves a purpose. But we’ve somehow lost perspective and focus on something that in reality, does not exist.

You see, sadness is simply the lack of happiness.
Just like darkness is the lack of light, and sickness is the lack of health.

Why expect anything less than what you were made to be.

Happiness and health are natural states of being we always seem surprised by.

The sole purpose of a place like Advanced Health Chiropractic is to help with the removal of problems that interfere with your natural state; the natural health that resides within you, just waiting to be brought to life. The same is true for happiness.

It’s why we have a playground in the middle of the practice.

It’s why our practice is a little louder with the ‘noises of life’ (yep, spirited children).

And it’s why we have a single focus of providing the most powerful thing we know that can remove this interference and bring about your natural health and happiness; the chiropractic adjustment and specific care plans tailored to get measurable results.

So when someone arrives at our practice and asks “how come everyone is so happy here?”, we simply answer “it’s just the way it’s meant to be”.

Dr Ash Pritchard


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