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Work Space Health and Wellbeing Tips

chiropractor adjusting patients neckWe recently chatted with Libby Rainger from The Wellness Platform. Libby is a consultant and advocate for well-being, stemming from the brain and body connection. She offers corporate workshops, one on one coaching and a range of services across her online platforms. And she gets it.

Libby understands the effects of language, communication tools and regular or repetitive behaviours on the ability of our brains to work at their best. She integrates this knowledge with a workplace, or workspace, perspective.

Meaning wherever your place of work -be that home, office, education facility, on the road somewhere or in outer space, the ability of your nervous system to properly regulate itself will affect the enjoyment, productivity and cohesiveness in a team environment.

Many people have recently made the adjustment to a work-from-home setup and only now, 2.5 years later are we beginning to see the reintegration process back into office life. Problems arise when our own personal boundaries are easy to hold in place in one setting yet not so easy in the other.

Is your workspace a “work hard play hard” environment with after work drinks and events? Yet you feel drawn to an evening workout, or settling in for an early night on the couch? Do you have solid boundaries on your device use, are you able to leave the emails until after school drop-off, or at least after breakfast? When ‘working from home’ we often feel obligated to respond immediately to work requests, and there is a sense of being at work all the time. How confident are you at recognising when you are at capacity, and saying no to any further projects? Or furthermore, how is that respected amongst your team?

We know that constant and repetitive stressors have a cumulative effect on the body, in the same way positive health choices can too. When our boundaries become blurred, we may be unaware in the short term however long-term build-up leaves us depleted, upset and with a limited threshold. Furthermore, the nerve system becomes locked into a pattern of dysfunction and we see it beyond the office walls too. Chronic migraines, anxiety, poor sleep and a diminished tolerance for challenge appear all too frequently.

When we work with the nerve system to continually unwind these patterns,we respond appropriately to stress and harness our most engaged and productive states -we set the platform for productive teams. In this state, we are better able to regulate ourselves and therefore our performance at work, we interact differently with others and can harness language in more productive ways.

Libby notes how the teams she works with often comment on the labels they have been attaching to their lives e.g “I’m so tired” or “My kids are so intense and demanding” and guess what? That’s exactly what the brain finds evidence to support, meaning the cycle perpetuates itself over and over again.

If any of this is ringing true to you so far, then take a breath and relax -it turns out you must be human! The excellent news is that by supporting your nervous system through regular chiropractic care and Libby’s tips, we really can see remarkable changes in our lives -at home and at work.

As Libby declares in this episode, awareness is your ticket forward. So well done on taking the first step.

Next, we encourage you to have a listen to our chat with Libby, share it around your teams and work spaces and reach out to our chiropractors if you’d like to chat more. Like we say often at Advanced Health Chiropractic, this is where the magic happens. Visit us on Instagram to learn more!

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