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Episode 47

Hypnobirthing educator, pregnancy and birth doula, and podcast host of This is Birth New Zealand/Megan Lloyd-Smith

chat on this podcast logoAs a returning guest, Megan joins us on the birth series with her key approaches to pregnancy, labour and birth.

Megan is a hypnobirthing educator, pregnancy, and birth doula. She is the founder and host of the podcast This is Birth New Zealand. And we are most proud to say she is also a wonderful member of Advanced Health Chiropractic alongside her husband Nik and 2 boys.

As you will hear all throughout this episode, Megan’s passion lies with women and their innate abilities when birthing their babies. She knows just how wonderful a women’s body really is, from her capability to her strength, wisdom and power – Megan will teach, remind and encourage all those within her circle.

Thank you Megan for joining us on this episode and sharing more of your incredible knowledge and experience. If you would like to connect with Megan and follow her work, please find her on Instagram or listen to her Podcast.

Connect with us on Instagram! You can also hear more from Megan and Nik on their previous Chats with us on Episode 3 and Episode 25 respectively.

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