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Episode 48

Midwife: How to create your ideal birth experience / Adriana Yianacou

chat on this podcast logoAn episode for all birthers, whether you are yet to birth or have done so many times over. Adriana’s perspective and expertise brings birth, and the birth room back to it’s core – trust the body, support the body, and give the body what it needs to perform.

We discuss

  • Birth for first time mothers
  • Some common fears or concerns around birth
  • What do women need in order to feel proud and fulfilled from their birth experience
  • Impact of the birth environment on a woman’s nervous system and birth experience
  • Flexibility and when the birth plan may change

Adriana’s insight aligns well with the chiropractic approach and we are honoured to look after many women from her referrals, as well as continue to share her message and support more empowered birth experiences for all.

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