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Kick the Sick

Adjust little girlMore than ever before we are hearing parents begging for help with their child’s ongoing sickness and bugs.

The accumulation of mental stress surrounding growing up in a pandemic, cancelled school and distant friendships or interactions – alongside an under-exposed immune system and weakened body means our kids are left often feeling the effects of sickness in much higher loads than before.

But when discussing symptoms and dysfunction, what came first?

Definitely not the symptom. 


Right from birth we are experiencing pressures and stressors on our nervous system.


The accumulation of these can bring about a decreasing ability to process and adapt to life, often leading to sick, snotty and symptomatic kids. Stuck in the pattern of dysfunction.

Although their bodies are incredible – without unwinding the nervous system from such patterns, both our kids and ourselves are less equipped to fully express our incredible nature, or handle the stressors and pressures of daily life.


It can feel a little like walking on eggshells to the next illness.


We know a well-functioning nervous system should be consistently adapting to stressors on a daily basis, meaning it is not the exposure that challenges us but more the resilience we have to overcome it.

It’s another reason why kids playing outside, getting grubby and interacting with others is such a vital part of immune and nervous system maturation. These exposures are supportive of a body experiencing optimal health and resiliency, building up your own internal tool kit.

We all choose parts of our lifestyles, and some aspects may be out of our control.

Yet what is entirely within our capability is supporting the nervous system to unwind, adapt and build health in the face of life’s waves. Making your chiropractic care essential for tackling ongoing sickness head on.

When we unwind the nervous system in an ongoing fashion your first step is healing and repair, from there – how far will you go?

It starts from birth, and it keeps our kids the healthiest they can be.

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