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The 'Happy Brain' Series

Welcome Teachers!

2This is a series relevant for you, as you support little learners and thriving teens.

As we know, kids are like sponges. Their brains and nervous systems are constantly absorbing information about the world around them and commanding the body to respond accordingly. These responses are like messages between the brain and the body.

What we know is that clear messages result in clear responses. Mixed messages tend to be referred to as ‘wind-up’ in the nervous system and they can often result in a child’s body working harder, or less appropriately than expected.

When a child’s brain is continuously functioning from a state of wind-up, their ability to learn, take on information or respond appropriately may be compromised.

Just like trying to hear someone whisper in a room full of noise, this child’s brain is diligently trying to decipher information and feedback from an overly ‘busy’ nervous system.

What may appear on the outside as difficulties with balance, coordination, mood or social interaction – may in-fact be a key insight into nervous system function.

Although on their own, the above examples do not tell us whether wind-up is present or not, they can however add pieces to a puzzle that allow us to best understand each child.

The role of a chiropractor is to locate any areas of wind-up, and assist the body in unwinding these so that this child may function from a place of clarity within their brain and body connection.

How You Can Support this Process

There are certain ways you can support this process too.

Deep pressure massage is an excellent tool, it provides sensory information to the brain in a calming manner and may support a child of any age through times of overwhelm, distraction, or simply as a way to start the day.
Children can pair up, do it on themselves, or have their teacher assist younger children. Gently, and with firm pressure, squeeze as you massage down arms and legs on both sides.

Adults like this one too!

What we know is that kids will always express themselves uniquely and exquisitely their own, they are incredible beings at this. A clear and connected nervous system enables such expression, ensuring their bodies are able to function from a place of ultimate ease and with a Happy Brain.

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