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The Right Start in Life

husband and pregnant womanAs a prospective parent, you are willing to try anything if it means your precious little one has the BEST start to life……. Right?

Nine months of pregnancy you have got to be kidding! That was the initial thought as my pregnancy was confirmed. However very quickly I realised the nine months would hardly seem long enough to prepare. I mean ‘gosh’ I needed to make sure EVERYTHING was in order before we welcomed our Tom into the World.

You are innately prepared; this was the biggest lesson I learnt about motherhood.

I learnt though endless ‘life lessons‘ that in fact, I needed to back off and let things naturally unfold.

The biggest challenge was to trust and know that my body was designed to grow and sustain this baby and when the time was right (not when someone else determined) my body would amazingly give birth to our gorgeous boy Tom. How marvelous is that, I would be lying if I told you that I did this easily….. I did not. You see letting go and being vulnerable for most of us is something that is not natural (or at least not to begin with). It is in the surrender that the ease of birth came. Yeah right, I can hear some of you thinking, but at the same time you ‘know’ what I mean.

Of course, there were things I chose to do that helped me get to that vulnerable space:

  • Getting regular chiropractic checks supported a spine and nervous system that was free from ‘wind up’ and ensured it was in good balance to support my growing baby and then prepare for birth.
  • Surrounding myself with people who knew I could do this and supported me along the way. People who were a positive and encouraging influence on me.
  • Fueling my body with the right foods so that both my baby and I were well nourished.
So, the first of many lessons was and remains get out of your head and into your heart. When you trust you know, you know.

Katie Pritchard

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