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Welcome Mothers, We See You All

Whatever form that may take for you.

Mothers dayWe are honoured to care for all of you in our Advanced Health Chiropractic community, and what this looks like for each individual mother is very unique – not unlike chiropractic in general. This also perfectly showcases the beauty of what our bodies are designed to do – express the inborn brilliance in all of us, and unleash the power we have to grow, heal and adapt through life.

As I write this, I am thinking of the many different seasons of motherhood we see in practice every day. There are some of you out on the playground, or in the feeding room and bubs hub. Some entering the teenage stages and others long past that, many of you have your own grandchildren now. It really is a beautiful expression of life that we see within our own 4 walls, and I am sure that if I chatted to each of you, you would all have your own stories to tell of your motherhood experiences.

One thing I know for sure is that you are all capable of the incredible art that is mothering. When you are regularly checked and adjusted, this process comes to life even more so and the reason for that is quite simple. The chiropractic check and adjustment is designed to enhance the communication links between your brain and your body, so when these pathways are optimised, you are able to respond and function appropriately in your changing environment. Some people notice this as better mood, sleep, digestion or energy levels; others report a more robust immune system. So naturally, when we experience this for ourselves, we are in our most available state to interact with those we love and care for.

mom with baby on stomach
This moment is to acknowledge all of our mothers who seek this lifestyle for themselves and their families. Your children experience the ripple effects of you being able to live in an optimal state of wellbeing, as do you when they are well-adjusted and healthy. It’s a two-way street and it builds connected and resilient families.

As well as regular tune-ups, our team has some other great recommendations for you during motherhood. All of these resources acknowledge and support the incredible devotion of mothers, and may support you along your journey. Be watching our social media throughout the week as we share these with you and together, build a community of families living awesome lives who express themselves optimally.

This is where the magic happens.

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