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Episode 28

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Polyvagal theory and hacking the nervous system for health/Dr Don MacDonald

Don and his wife Brandi are an incredible duo. They run a wellness-based continuing education series for chiropractors known as True Concepts, co-created The Vitality Shift ( and Don hosts the podcast The Vitality Shift for Chiropractors (

Today’s episode stems around the vagus nerve and how our nervous system is so intricately designed for us to thrive. We often hear the ‘stress response’ as getting a bad name, fight or flight comes to mind and we all know what is feels like to be running around on a constant high alert.

However, did you know that this is the same state which allows us to exercise, move our bodies and perform in recreational activities?

Don enhances our education on all things Polyvagal Theory, how we may observe the state of our bodies, utilise the power of this nervous system to support us towards health and how chiropractic is at the very forefront of maximising this.

The quickest way to find ease in the body is through a chiropractic adjustment – the best way to amplify this long term is to then train that pattern of ease within the body.

We are honoured at Advanced Health Chiropractic to do this everyday. Measuring your body’s stress capacity is a vital component when setting your frequency of care – and it is this care plan which has us constantly saying “this really is where the magic happens”

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